My RS300R toolkit.

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    For longer rides I've put together a toolkit to carry. This is not complete yet and I would welcome any suggestions for extra tools.
    A tyre pump and puncture repair kit are still to be added.
    The tool kit pouch was purchased by me and this is not a review of it as I have not used it on the bike yet. It fits in place of the belt on my back pack and is worn at the front.

    The tool kit pouch itself.

    The front flap is clipped to the rear of the bag. With the front flap open, a clear faced pocket is located for a map.
    The toolkit fits in behind a zippered compartment.

    The took kit pouch opened with the tools I have so far.

    The tools I have collected so far.
    1/4'' drive sockets are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, short piece of 12mm hex for front axle removal, 4 and 5mm allen keys, torch, small cable ties, tube spark plug spanner, male 1/4'' drive ext with 12mm nut welded to it for tighter bolts etc, kit with numerous screw driver etc bits, 1/4'' t bar drive, old Yamaha spanner for rear axle, old Yamaha pliers, tyre levers, 8, 10 and 12mm spanners and short piece of 3/4'' tube flattened on the ends for axle nut spanner and tyre lever extension.

    And a final picture of the 3/4'' tube.

    I'm just a dumb Moose.

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